Najika Kazami plays the leading role of Kitchen Princess. She is kind hearted, cheerful, and helpful to everyone. Also, she is slightly naive, since during the story three boys have crushes on her, without her knowing the slightest. Her goal is to become one of the world's best pastry chefs like her parents and have everyone enjoy something delicious together. Najika was born with an amazing sense of taste, making her able to find the ingredients of any dish, and to remake it with the exact same taste. 


Najika's parents, who were both famous pastry chefs died in a accident leaving their young daughter, Najika depressed. Since she was an orphan, she moved to a orphanage called lavender house. There, she was raised. But at first, she would always be alone crying.

One day she was walking alone near a stream, and fell in. She was on the verge of falling in, until a boy her age  pulled her out and saved her. He gave her a spoon and a japanese dessert called flan, then said, "When you eat something good, you smile," then walked away. She made a promise with him that she'd make the most delicious dessert in the world for him someday.

For years, Najika tried to find him, but had no luck. She promised herself that she'd find her "flan prince". Then she noticed the coat of arms on the spoon her prince gave to her. Later she found out that it was from a school, so she enrolled to get in.